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Automate tasks with docker-compose and systemd

posted on 2020-05-22 by dotcs

This article shows how tasks that have been encapsulated in Docker containers can be controlled by systemd timers. In case of an error a separate systemd service is triggered which sends a mail which contains the last view lines from the journal log.

Nextcloud: Migrate from SQLite to PostgreSQL

posted on 2020-05-11 by dotcs

This article describes how to migrate a Docker based Nextcloud instance from SQLite to PostgeSQL.

Webcam Support in Arch Linux on Macbooks

posted on 2020-04-01 by dotcs

Learn how to install a kernel module that allows to use the Apple Facetime HD camera in your Arch or Manjaro Linux installation.

OfflineIMAP + systemd timer

posted on 2020-04-01 by dotcs

Learn how to setup a systemd timer that regularly fetches new mails from an IMAP server with OfflineIMAP.

i3 + termite + custom themes = <3

posted on 2020-04-01 by dotcs

i3 + termite is awesome. Having a simple theme changer is even better. Learn how to set up custom themes and apply them with a simple keystroke.

Spotify Desktop App with HiDPI Scaling in GNOME 3

posted on 2019-11-12 by dotcs

Spotify Desktop seems to have issues with HiDPI screens in Linux. This post shows how to fix it.

An "open" command in Linux

posted on 2019-11-11 by dotcs

This article explains how to configure a command "open" in Linux that behaves similar to the command that macOS provides.

GNOME 3: Change wallpaper periodically

posted on 2019-11-10 by dotcs

This post describes how wallpapers can be automatically changed in GNOME 3 with a simple script and a cronjob.

Leaving Google's Mail Services behind

posted on 2019-11-01 by dotcs

I decided to leave Google's e-mail services behind. This post describes how I changed to another provider and how I use my domain at the same time so that I can switch between e-mail providers more flexibly in the future.

Howto train a CNN with TensorFlow on FloydHub

posted on 2017-06-11 by dotcs

Nowadays artificial intelligence (AI) is a big thing. Computational power increased a lot within the last years which makes it possible to build and run large Neural Networks (NN) for Deep Learning (DL) that model various problems extremely well. Unfortunately huge networks consume large amounts of memory and computational power. Often developers do not have the necessary hardware available to solve larger problems in a suitable time. One solution to this problem is to shift the heavy computatio

Evaluate data from Komoot with Elasticsearch and Kibana

posted on 2017-06-11 by dotcs

In my spare time I like to travel by bike. As a data enthusiast it's no question to track my trips using services such as Komoot [https://www.komoot.de/]. Besides the data analysis methods that these companies provide on their websites or apps, they are always limited in what kind of analysis they provide to their customers. Most of the time it is not enough tough. Having access to the raw data allows to do further analysis and implement highly customized charts. Table of content For convenienc

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