Fabian Müller

Hi, my name is Fabian Müller and I am a physicist, computer scientist, data and web enthusiast. I live near Stuttgart (Germany).

In 2014 I graduated with a Master’s degree in Physics (Astrophysics) from Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

Besides my passion for physics I have a soft spot for working with computers and getting those machines doing what I want them to do. This is what drove me into programming. It’s the web platform that I focus on nowadays.

With modern web applications on the one hand, my second focus is data analysis. I am thrilled about how data can be analyzed nowadays having so many powerful tools, lots of them open sourced with awesome communities all around the world. For me as a physicist it’s particularly interesting to see many problems being solved with the help modern machine learning (ML) algorithms.

I work as a Artificial Intelligence Enabling Engineer at the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI). My primary goal at the BCAI is to enable thousands of engineers at Bosch to use ML algorithms within their products.
As a Data Engineer with focus on the enabling part tools like Kubernetes, Docker, JupyterHub, Jupyter Notebook play a major role in my daily business.

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